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Quality Management


We are Auditors, therefore, we are able to offer you any part of the chain when it comes to Quality Management. We are certified to ISO9001:2015

Our experience enables us to step in to any environment and design a tailor-made process to address your needs and requirements. During this process we work closely with your Senior Management Team to integrate quality into the business strategy ensuring achievement of your goals of customer satisfaction and cost reduction.

Internal Auditing:
ISO regulations require that companies conduct regular (typically annual) internal audits of their Quality Management Systems. Our consultants are well equipped to assist companies in the internal assessment of their own Quality Management System in relation to the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 standard, and/or in-house requirements.

We can be contracted to conduct either a complete internal audit of the entire QMS or a partial audit where our independent auditors focus on the specific areas of the quality system that would benefit from additional attention and/or cannot be conducted internally due to potential conflicts of interest.

Our internal audits provide systematic and constant monitoring of your existing system, and help our clients achieve consistency as well as continual improvement. The scope of the audit is tailored to specific customer needs and requirements.

Supplier Auditing:
We can conduct on-site supplier audits on your behalf to ensure that the activities you have contracted them for are being executed according to your requirements and applicable regulations. Supplier audits provide systematic and constant monitoring of your supplier’s systems, and help you to mitigate potential supply chain risk and drive continual improvement activities. The scope of our supplier auditing services can range from performance of a single audit to management of an entire supplier auditing program, including corrective action and follow-up.

We provide QMS training to organizations interested in improving performance, minimizing risk, and avoiding the costly consequences of poor quality. We focus primarily on Quality Systems training but also offer customized training solutions for a wide variety of conformance and improvement methodologies.

Compliance Consulting:
Quality Auditing is ready to provide consulting to support the needs of your manufacturing or operations-based company. We are well suited to collaborate with you to ensure that we deliver marked improvements to your existing processes and exceed your expectations. We are available for work on projects of all sizes and look forward to the opportunity to develop a long term strategic partnership.

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