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Gaining CHAS Accreditation

Gaining CHAS Accreditation

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Gaining CHAS accreditation is a priority for many construction companies, as it shows that your business is committed to health and safety best practice.

This type of health and safety accreditation is often required to become approved or invited to tender for clients, particularly in the public sector. So it can also help you to grow your business and win more work.

But how do you go about getting CHAS?

It can seem overwhelming to contractors undertaking the assessment for the first time, particularly when trying to complete the application process without the help of a construction health and safety advisor.

Preparing For Your CHAS Application

The first step you should take before even considering applying for CHAS accreditation, is preparing records of your health and safety management. The better your records, the greater the chance of success first time.

According, to CHAS, most small businesses fail the assessment the first time they apply…

Since its introduction the CHAS scheme has established that four out of five small and medium sized businesses applying to the scheme have failed an initial assessment designed to ensure the applicant demonstrates compliance with basic health and safety…

That’s a vast majority (80%) of small and medium businesses sending off the CHAS assessment and failing. If you prepare your application right the first time, this doesn’t have to be you. If it is you, and you have failed your first assessment, don’t worry, you can fill any gaps, and apply again.

Let’s evaluate your existing health and safety records and fill any gaps.

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